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Below is the 'guesstion' taken from week five's questions.

How many videos are there in St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School's Library?


This section tells you about the Challenge, why it was set up and what we hope to achieve by doing it.

The aims of the Project are to use the scenario of a game in order to:

  • encourage and teach students at St Mary Redcliffe how the internet works and how to design websites; and

  • encourage primary schools in the Bristol area to use IT and the internet for research, email and complete a task.

The Redcliffe Challenge was officially launched on 4 June 2001at the Watershed.

For more information about the project click here.



Redcliffe Challenge would not be possible without the following:

  • EiC
  • Beacon Schools
  • Watershed
  • @ Bristol
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Class trip to the @ Bristol Arts and Media Centre





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