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Week Four's anagram is the full name of sporting club.



This is the page where you get to play the best game on the Internet - REDCLIFFE CHALLEGE!

Although the official game itself is now over, you can see each of the previous week's questions and answers. You may need to use the Internet or other methods to find out what the answers are! If you need help using the internet to find the answers, visit our help page.

Watch out for your and other schools' final results next week and see if you can make the top spot!

Get ready for some serious surfing ... Let's go!


  1. read this week's questions
  2. research the answers using the internet or other methods
  3. Participants then submitted their answers to us by email


  • the task involves creating a cartoon strip using available computer tools (e.g. digital camera, drawing package and word)

  • the subject matter of the cartoon strip must be related to a learning activity of your choice (e.g. Science Experiment)

  • each cartoon strip will be published on this website at the end of the project

  • The cartoon strip can be funny or serious - its up to you!!



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