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Below is the 'guesstion' taken from week five's questions.

How many videos are there in St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School's Library?



A word to our sponsors ...

Many thanks go to the following bodies and organisations - the Redcliffe Challenge Project would not have been possible without them:

  EIC (Excellence in Cities) / Gifted and Talented Initiative

Our largest source of funding came through the 'gifted and talented' governmental initiative.



  Beacon Schools Funding

St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School has been given Beacon School status.

As this is an outreach project collaborating with other schools, much of the financial support was obtained through beacon funding.


The majority of work on the site was carried out at the Watershed's digital suite.

The launch event was also held at the Watershed's 'digital cafe'.

  EAZ (Education Action Zone)

We decided to target primary schools in the East Bristol area.

The Education Action Zone have agreed to provide help and support as necessary.

  @ Bristol

The prize (class visit to the @ Bristol Arts and Media Centre) was donated by @ Bristol.

Clifton Media

clifton mediaClifton Media is a website and multimedia design agency based in Wirksworth near Derby in the East Midlands and ran the training sessions at the Watershed



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