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Below is the 'guesstion' taken from week five's questions.

How many videos are there in St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School's Library?



We started working on the site in March 2001, below is our Project Diary of the weeks leading up to the launch:


We worked out the timescale for the project and started to learn dreamweaver (which makes web pages), we also took some photographs and experimented with image editing. We looked at existing web sites and analysed them critically to decide what made good and bad sites.
We got more in-depth with the Dreamweaver package and started to incorporate the Fireworks documents, which writes all the HTML for you.

In this week, our home page was made. Our profiles were started and we took a few photos of us in the Watershed Cafe. We thought carefully about a structure for the site and learned about the importance of good file management. We also decided how our site would be navigated. Also, we learned how to use Fireworks (a graphic editing package) and started to design our own sites which we would later make links to from the Redcliffe Challenge site.



During this week, most of our Year 8s were on a school trip in Normandy, so our team lost a lot of people! The ones who were left worked on the Game rules, topics for the questions and pictures to go in the site and personal sites.



This is one of the most important weeks in the whole making of the site! We took lots of pictures with our digital camera near the Watershed and by the Explore @t Bristol, which is where the class that wins this game will win a trip to. When we got back to the Mac suite in the Watershed, we put them on our computers and edited them using a program called Adobe Photoshop, which lets you edit photos. We gave them special effects and put weird and wacky colours in them to make them look more fun and interesting for you! We spent most of our time on doing that, but this page was built, and the game page was built too! Our site map was also made during this week.

We also went out visiting Primary Schools during this week. It was nice to get out of normal lessons – our teachers didn’t mind – honest!! We showed the smaller kids how to do some image editing with the digital cameras and whatever software they had.



The project kicked off with the launch event at the Watershed going down very well with everyone who attended. We were e-mailed the answers for the week's questions by all but two of the schools involved. The team have been knuckling down to working on next week's questions and updating the site. Mr Dennison received nothing but praise for the project and many requests for demonstrations. St Nicholas of Tolentine took an early lead taking maximum points from the weeks questions but close behind were Sefton Park on 9 points. There are still five weeks to go though!

Week Seven- Twelve


The few weeks of the quiz zoomed by, with every Friday seeing a group of us going to the Watershed, inventing new questions and seeing the scores change frequently. One week St Nicks were in the lead, the next Sefton Par - very thrilling! Sadly, a couple of schools had to drop out along the way due to technical problems, but we hope they enjoyed the experience they did get of the site.

One of the highlights of this period was when we were asked to address a meeting of Bristol secondary school headteachers. They seemed very interested and we were told that what we were doing was a real help to Bristol.

Now we're waiting for the multimedia tasks to come in - only that will separate the results! We hope to see everyone at the closing event, so we can announce who will be crowned Redcliffe Challenge Champions of 2001!


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